The Doll that started it all…

Photographer: Joe Dias Stylist:Jnnifer HoonGolden Dream Barbie ©Mattel

My Grandmother was very progressive. I loved Barbie and my Grandmother loved me and she saw no reason that I shouldn’t have a Barbie. Even though I was a five year old boy.

It was coming up to my 6th birthday and my Grandmother took me to the local Fossey’s store in the main street of our hometown. I walked up and down the Barbie aisle and eventually settled on Golden Dream. Excitedly we went home to hide Golden Dream in my Grandmother’s wardrobe, as we both knew my father wouldn’t be happy.

It seemed to take forever for my birthday to come around, but every time I went to my Grandmother’s house I would ask to see Golden Dream and my Grandmother would oblige. Quite a process to get her down from the top of the wardrobe, right at the back.

I don’t remember my birthday or opening the doll or any other details from that day. I do remember many happy hours with my small suitcase full of doll clothes, Golden Dream and my Grandmother’s smile. Happy days…

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